If you haven’t heard, Jackson is celebrating its bicentennial in 2022. And it’s going to be a historic homecoming. Fact is, we want to welcome everyone back home to join us. Jackson folks who’ve made their way to places far and wide—across the country or across the globe—this is your chance to travel back and get in on the big shindig. We have events and happenings 200 years in the making. So make sure to be here for this momentous, yearlong occasion. Wherever you are, it’s time to come home and join the party.


Help raise $5000 to benefit the Planetarium

All contributions will go to the Friends of the Planetarium Fund at the Community Foundation for Mississippi.

Want your event to be a part of the bicentennial celebration? 

Give us the details and tell us why you want to join the party. We’ll get you set up to be a  genuine JXN 200 event. We want to invite everyone to sport the bold logo and colors at your next neighborhood block party, street parade or community festival. This is a once in a lifetime thing to be part of, so let us know what you’re planning.

After two centuries, we’re hoping everyone has lots of stories to tell. 

People and places. Sights and sounds. Memorable moments, occasions and experiences. Much has taken place here over the years that shaped and continues to shape us all. And whether you’re currently a local or expat, business owner or experience creator, we want to hear your Jackson story. So, post it for possible sharing here.